Thailand Activities and Itineraries

There is a reason why Thailand remains one of the most popular countries to visit in Asia for western holiday makers and backpackers alike. Here, we have compiled some Thailand activities and itineraries based on what we experienced during our recent travels.

Living in Australia, we visited Thailand a couple of times as a stop over when making visits to and from the UK and Rob has spent more time around some of the islands on previous trips too. 

A note on my first time in Thailand…

My first encounter started off great but didn’t exactly end well. After our first visit together to the UK for Christmas 2014, we flew back to Sydney via Koh Phangan for a few days of relaxation in the sun before it was time to head back to work. Our beautiful holiday ended with a “full moon party” on the famous Haad Rin beach on New Year’s Eve. 

All was going to plan and we were having the most fun. We drank a couple of buckets (cocktails in actual sandcastle-building buckets), covered ourselves in UV paint, danced on the tables and then in the early hours of New Year’s Day 2015, went for a swim in the sea. My memory is hazy but I know it was getting light and by the time we got out of the sea, (surprise surprise) all of our belongings had GONE. 

Looking back, it seems strange to take a purse full of every single one of your bank cards, Medicare card, driving licenses, etc. to a full moon party. Not to mention to leave it all unattended with a phone and camera full of pictures from the last couple of months – lesson learned (I hope!!). The saving grace was I didn’t have my passport with me. Thank goodness! Anyway, I didn’t want to let that put me off Thailand, but it was definitely Haad Rin 1, Natalie 0. 

This trip is a bit more low key in terms on nightlife, but even more amazing in every other aspect. 

Staying connected 

We didn’t buy a SIM card for Thailand for a couple of reasons. 1. Wi-Fi has been available everywhere so far in our accommodation and most restaurants. 2. There is no better place to switch off than when you’re lying on a beach, surrounded by high cliffs and all you can see ahead of you is the ocean. Thailand is full of these places! It’s far too easy to grab your phone and start scrolling through the news or social media, so it’s nice to be forced into disconnecting. 

Getting around 

This beautiful country, formerly known as Siam, is well set up to cater to English speaking travellers, making it easy to get around. In Bangkok we mainly walked but where we had to travel further afield (in search of quality hiking gear), we used the sky train. The trains are easy to use and the ticket machines have an English option to make buying tickets simple.

We flew into Bangkok from Luang Prabang and used the train to get from the airport to our accommodation. This was also a simple process. Maps.ME and Google Maps are your friends. 

Once you reach the islands, public transport doesn’t exist but tuk tuks are everywhere and so is scooter/motorbike rental. 

Thailand Activities and Itineraries 

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